Chase Points and Rounding Decimals

Perry Raskin on July 16, 2020

How do you check the amount of points you earned on a single purchase? Believe it or not, there is another way to do so besides looking in your Pointway account! Both Chase's desktop web portal and mobile app each hold this information under each transaction.

Something I realized recently though, is that Chase rounds up earned points on every purchase. Working on an app like Pointway has motivated me to learn all about Chase's points system.

chase, desktop, points, rounded

Or... do they?

The image above is a screenshot of the Chase web portal on a desktop browser. It shows I earned 10 points from my purchase.

The image below is a screenshot of the same transaction, but in the mobile app. It shows I earned 9.50 points from the same purchase.

chase, mobile, points, rounded

You may be confused by this. Well, I think you should be. It would mean something completely different if Chase actually rounds the earned points for every single transaction! I know that I would have a whole lot more points if that was the case. Unfortunately, that's not what Chase does. I believe the rounded points on the desktop portal is a misleading mistake.

After looking through my account and inside my Ultimate Rewards portal, I realized that Chase only rounds the total amount of points. For example, if I had earned a total of 930.60 points on the last billing cycle, my statement for that month would show that I had earned 930 points.

So Chase does in fact do some rounding. They round down, but only at the very end. Either way, they should probably fix the inconsistency between the desktop portal and the mobile app.

Do you have some thoughts or insight on this? Leave a comment below!

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